Sunday, August 16, 2009


Im so tired of these fairy tales, happy endings galore. When in all actuality it's bullshit. Love isn't magical, and gives you no relief to the pain you already feel. Just that temporary high of which you come crashing down in seconds.

The movies all tell you one thing, and leave you wishing it was true. That love really makes your heart beat so fast you could kiss the sky. Or that love truly makes you feel as if nothing exists. Love isn't fun and its heartbreaking. Everything comes to the end of which it's not the same as before. It rips you to thousands of peices so that you can never repair the bloodied heart, missing in battle. The heart turns to dark, desperate to find love again, to feel the same shock. Only to find more heartbreak in the hands of another. It's a vicious cycle, first comes love..then comes hatred..So quit bringing your mushy shit to me. Love does not exist in the hearts of the broken.

Note~ Picture from deviant art, credit of the photo goes to Lunamarie....check out her photos and other stuff here:) very talented

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