Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Failure of A Star In Flames

Crush your own heart between your hands, watching me slip in and out of what we both watched happen. Standing in the middle of the room watching everything blur, wishing it would end. Made my heart cold before it ever warmed, watching every mood you've made. You sat there still, looking over with that pain. I felt every breath in the room, waiting for the bombs to fall over me. It's never the same thing twice. You've fallen deeper then I ever could hope to pull you from. I sat for you, by your side. In hopes you'd understand our friendship never died. It wasn't my fault, watching you break, every scream. I sat through it all, just to prove you had me. You broke it yourself, watching me walk away. I would have been there til the end ,you had to break every
thing I ever handed to you. I watched you kill yourself slowly, waiting to pull you back up when you slipped down. You betrayed every word you promised to me. Every time I woke to your call, swearing it was the last time, knowing it would repeat the next night. I put everything in you. And you pushed everything I offered away. You've ran from everything you ever gained. You threw our friendship to the fire, just so you could fall and have someone to blame.

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