Sunday, May 3, 2009

Worlds Collide Once Again

Standing in the middle of hate and fate.No one's looking, covering their eyes, screaming out all their pain. Blood pours over the ground, the lies, the game, it never ends. Life is failing. Mother's holding tightly to the young child clinging to their arms, crying, begging, pleading for the games to end. Save us from the war in our minds. The last life stands. Broken and bloody in our hearts. Watching them pass by, guns to our face, yelling and shooting.Angel's are dying, faith is broken again.Where is our world falling? It's colliding into your hell. Failing to make itself. Lie in wait as your blood covers your eyes, once again, it'll be he who falls and dies..

Notes From Author: When I turned on the news and saw the bombs falling I put my oldest in his crib, sat by the TV and wrote this...

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