Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Life I see 5-7-2007

There's so much to say, so little reasons. Tears can't compare to the pain. There's so much more than watching you whole life fall right before your eyes. So many different ways to go, yet none to extreme. All they want is for you to just follow. To many emotions to hold on to complete sanity. Heart feels too heavy to just walk away so easily. The past will always be unforgiving, the scar of weakness will never fade. How do you look forward without your past coming back to harm you. There's no certainty in pleads, there's no certainty of just forgetting. The heart will always shatter either way. Lives end in peices of the closure you crave and there will still be the heaviness of your uncried tears that lingers behind that will make you who you are. There will always be days that constantly rains, and then there will be days you will hate to watch fade away. There's no perfection in the human heart, there will always be cracks and stitching. There's no perfection in the human mind, there's always the cloud of the person's fake reality clouding the pain that will always be there. They're just too scared to see the life I see.

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