Monday, May 4, 2009

Something I wrote for my friend...Domestic Violence Awareness

I stand in the middle of the room and yet I still feel the hands. Pulling me apart, screaming as if no one could hear me. Knowing its you yelling at me, feeling your rage fill my body. Nothing compares to seeing you standing in front of me, knowing all along you're already gone. The dreams of you haunt me til I can't breath anymore. I walk into the hallways looking behind me expecting to be pulled into the darkness you kept waiting all along. I feel the hands beat my heart until it's bruised, the screaming never ends. Watching the night fall darker I feel you following closer..watching..waiting for my break. I keep trying to smile, knowing that if I kept you following what the soul wanted..I could break you apart before I let you break my heart. So the next time you see the tears fill my eyes, just know I was only releasing you from the strings of my broken heart.

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