Monday, May 4, 2009

Response To Maybe Some Of Us Are Just Meant To Bleed

And never really heal. The cuts, just dig deeper. Maybe the ones who show a calm face in the midst of so much agony are the ones who's dying... With no expressions on their face to show There the ones who hide the most, and cut their own hearts out and bleed all over the floor... While at the same time looking to others for help, and no answers. Maybe it's the ones, who seem to have everything to others, but feel so empty at the time of one child lost... Maybe some things are cries for help, without the words actually repeating themselves. Maybe they're numb and their hearts are screaming inside, and the only way to show your alive is to bleed for your pain... Just to prove to yourself that it's really real, that the pain is truly there. Scars are the heart on your sleeve, while the one inside is shattered and bloody.

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