Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Painful Journey

I know something is wrong
I can feel it deep inside my heart
nothing is ever the same anymore, and its tearing me apart.
I never see you anymore, youve disappeared even though you're standing
right here.
Our lives have been lost, lies, betrayal everythings falling into
the dark.
So why is it, I can't say the words to end it, am I that kind
the one who still loves you even with every broken peice.
I'm dying in my dreams, my eyes won't allow me to fall asleep.
Now the third day, and I'm still standing in the same place
I don't know what can fix us, I don't know what to say to make it better,
it seems like this is what was destined to be.
Just another ending, another shattered goodbye, another scar to heal.
You say everything is okay, theres no need to cry, no need to say goodbye.
I keep trying to tell you what it feels like, and all you do is throw everything in my face
As if I shouldn't feel what I feel.
You don't understand what I'm saying to you, and why i do the things i do.
I don't understand you, and what caused you to do the things you've done.
guess that's another hint of not knowing you at all. i don't know you're heart
I don't know your mind, after all these years, i was only lying to myself.
You've slipped away from me, and it feels like a knife has cut me deeper then ever before,
i feel like I've been punched in the stomach and can't catch my breath.
I feel alone, and weak, and nothing ever mattered.
So here it is, just another way of me trying to understand why I didn't mean the world to
Guess god was getting me back for what i've done, just never thought it'd kill me inside
Never thought that my whole life would shatter in one moment.
I never thought that even thinking of you would make me cry so hard.
I never thought you'd be the one who would tear me down to my knees, and make me pray to god
for the
pain to stop.

And in the end, I'm still here, not willing to let go.

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