Saturday, November 21, 2009

You think your so damn different from me, that your better at everything. The difference that you came here to watch me, to feel what I feel. Then took it all in. You wonder how everything disappears, now you know. I won't come back, won't be there at the end. I watched you slip straight from my hands, cutting every string through and out. The trust I gave, praying it would mean something, was gone. You lied, and tricked your way through life, broke my every will to begin. After witnessing every fight, I finally struggled to close my eyes. I could scream and say nasty things, but that won't change what you did. I never expected it from you, the closest thing I had to sanity, the inspiration to keep from falling. Now it's all in the dirt of the most desolate graveyard. Like the dust is forming into the shape of the pain of every push you made. I risked all only for you to shake it apart. You stood by, letting them drown me, and blamed it all my way. You know what you did, I don't have to repeat it twice, I should've listened to her words. That it wasn't all what it seemed and to beaware and stay away. Funny, how the one thing I was taught to believe my whole life, was clouded by your influence. I shouldve been able to trust you, but my trust was in vain. Just another broken heart, feelings that don't matter anyway.

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