Friday, October 9, 2009

Comeback to your bullshit of a song mother fucker

You think you've got it all fooled. So kind and gentle. Loads of songs about a love you never touched. What they don't know make me sick, could have never had me any other way. Forced my pain, and kept it going. All the control you had, I fucking took back. Talking about how if they don't mention him everything will be alright, baby he was never yours to corrupt. How you will stop thinking about me, when I never wanted you to in the first place. You forget once someone gets famous, all the dirty little secrets crawl out, which I'm betting none of your followers know about. So keep writing songs about my son and me, and I'll sell your whole fucking history. Like I said before, you're playing with fire, and you've been burned. Obviously never learned. I'm one bitch of a mother, don't fuck with whats mine. You sit there and whine, like you've lost something so great, when all youre doing is living a fantasy. Fooling yourself, when this child doesn't even mention your name. You stole my pride and sanity for that moment in time, never thought I'd be the strongest one who wouldn't fall. You played dirty while I played by the book, and tripped up when I finally didn't give a fuck. I learned one thing from my experiances of this life you've got to be corrupted to get what you want. Respect never came so easily, watching them all laugh at you with me.