Sunday, May 3, 2009

My boys saw me bloggin and wanted me to blog the funniest stories I had of them..So here it is:)

For some reason my boys love to make me about wierd stuff, for instance, my son who's 6..LOVES watching Ghost Hunters with me. Every Wednesday he tells me, Mom, it's you know what Wednesday means? It means Ghost Hunters is on...And we're watching it...then he turns to the TV and looks at it then turns back to me and says...Mommy...what channel is Ghost Hunters on again??? Haha. Gotta love my munchkins, the only people in the world who could make me smile like I've never smiled before. My oldest, when he was like 4 woke up in the middle of the night screaming I can't see my ears!!! He still insists to this day that people are supposed to be able to see their ears, and he doesn't understand why God made his ears on the side of his head..haha.

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