Monday, May 11, 2009


For some reason nothing seemed to be coming out right. Everything seemed wrong in a sense. I kept reminding myself it just is a phase, nothing stays anyway. Maybe things will get better, yet as I'm looking down with the tears sliding I realized that I'm falling. Everyone kept saying to smile it'll all be okay. It's not that easy to watch something just fade into space. Maybe if I just turned and walk away it would be easier to close my eyes and let it go. It's harder standing there with the rain falling on my face just so he wont know if I'm crying and it would be easier for them to deny.I'm broken and can bearly breath. God they were right...It's easier to fight everything, make everyone turn first. They don't get the truth, they act as if it's always going to be this hard. Nothing meant more, so why should I be the one always trying to make it better.
Notes From Author : This is definitely not my best work, really no motivation lately to truly write, but this still comes from the heart just like every other word I write. So as always take it as it comes. And hopefully I will find the motivation once again to write...

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