Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cutters Awareness Story..

She still walks around in this haze, knowing all things come to the end eventually. The dreams of everything that she wishes she could have been. She knows no one else will understand, it's not even the pain anymore. She's completely numb. Fear was never in her eyes, yet inside she feels the tears of many more years. Dealing with it behind closed doors. There's no stop in her life, everything tumbling down more then she can swallow. Words are underestimated, they don't understand what she's saying. It's more then the blood circling in her hands, feeling everything better then before. Like a herione addict feeding for the very first time of the natural high. An addiction no one can overcome. Contstant state of mind which you never recover. The kiss of death that she longs for, wishing it would dig deeper. Yet when it's all over, she covers up her tears of tainted blood with the bandages. Looks in the mirror and prays it was the last time. The fake smile posts back onto her face, as she walks out the door. Pretending the life she leads is perfection. It's the struggle every cutter has to endure...So while you're staring into her eyes, try to find the hope that's she's held onto her whole life to keep her alive. Figure the reasoning for every cut she's ever made. And realize that it's probably the only thing that can keep her from breaking down and crying at night...

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